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With the blessing of Shri Sainath maharaj & with immense support from sai devotees the “Shri Saibaba Palkhi Sohla” is moving towards 31 year of completion. It started in the year 1989 with mare devotees going to Shirdi on foot & now this process has taken a form of cultural festival Maharashtra. This is our small effort to present history of this palkhi festival.

Sai Aarti

Pilgrimage is a significant ritual in almost all civilizations. It has a common underlying foundation of attaining a higher spiritual level through the act of journey to holy sites. Maharashtra has got a very beautiful history of pilgrimage festival. The Alandi to Pandharpur pilgrimage, colloquially known as the “Palkhi”.

It is one of the most important cultural event in the state of Maharashtra. The Alandi - Pandharpur palkhi sohla is a great festival for devotees. Chanting “Gyanba Tukaram” the devotees march from Alandi to Pandharpur via pune. Some of people from Pune city got inspiration from palkhi and they decided to start a palkhi from pune to Shirdi.

Shirdi Maze Pandharpur | Sai baba Ramavatar

Shri Sainath Maharaj is Guru of whole universe. Guru is the God, say the scriptures. Guru Purnima (“Purnima means full- moon”) is the one which disciples and devotees honor and felicitates their guru and seeks his or her special blessing. Hence some of sai devotees from pune decided to start palkhi sohla on a day of Guru Purnima. Pune via Nagar to Shirdi was the decided route for palkhi. On the first year of palkhi that is on 1989, only 5 devotees from pune come forward to take initiative.

They started their journey (Palkhi) to Shirdi with shri sainath’s photo and paduka (footwear) in hand and continue chanting of “shri sai nath”. These 5 people started from Pune towards Shirdi via Nagar. Sai devotees from Pune gave a Good response on the first year of palkhi as well. Just because of faith in shri sainath, the thing which was dream, come into reality.