Shri SaiBaba Palkhi Sohla

With the blessing of Shri Sainath maharaj & with immense support from sai devotees the “Shri Saibaba Palkhi Sohla” is moving towards 30 year of completion. It started in the year 1989 with mare devotees going to Shirdi on foot & now this process has taken a form of cultural festival Maharashtra. This is our small effort to present history of this palkhi festival.

This is the first palkhi from pune which goes to Shirdi.

Appeal for Vastunidhi

Sai Palkhi Samiti Trust has been group on successfully for all these years due to Donors, well-wishers and inspires. With the same donations, and faithtrust has planned to build a “Sai Palkhi Bhavan at Shirdi” and for this, we have managed to purchase land measuring 9924 sq.ft in Shirdi.

Sai palkhi samiti, appeals Sai devotees for contribution and involvement in this project so that trust can start construction work. Every single rupee that is donated is extremely important to the Samiti to complete this project.

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Our Mission

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A platform to meet

To provide Sai devotees world over, a platform to meet and exchange their experiences and beliefs.

Libraries and reading rooms

To run and maintain libraries and reading rooms.

Better service to humanity at large

To create a network among various Shirdi Sai institutions around the world and to bring them on to a common platform to render better service to humanity at large.

Medical check-up camps

To organize regular medical check-up camps for the benefit of the poor strata of the society with the help of qualified medical specialists.

Facilitate the rehabilitation

To assist areas affected by natural calamities such as cyclone, food, earthquake etc. and to facilitate the rehabilitation process nationally.


To establish, maintain, run, develop, give grant-in-aid to the schools, colleges, institutions of fine arts, institutions imparting technical vocational and industrial education,poor houses, orphanages, old age homes and other like institutions with public service as the motive.

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Shri Sai Baba taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, devotion to God and guru. His philosophy was Advaita Vedanta and his teachings consisted of elements both of this school as well as of bhakti and Islam.

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